Testimonials from some of my past pupils

I was recommended Alan through a friend of mine and I have gone on to recommend him to other friends of mine. Through Alan's calm, patient and respectful teaching I was able to gain the right amount of confidence and skill to pass my driving test. His way of communicating and showing tricky manoeuvres was very clear. He always showed up on time and made sure we went over all the Barnstaple routes. I would say being taught by Alan will definitely increase your possibilities of passing.

"Alan was a brilliant instructor to have and I could not have asked for someone better as he put me at ease if ever I was worried about anything. I enjoyed all of my lessons with Alan and will miss my Tuesday afternoon's perfecting the art of driving. Even though I have passed my driving test I still hear Alan in my head when out driving on my own. Thank you for being patient with me and getting me through my test. I would definitely recommend Alan to other people thinking about learning to drive."

"Alan is a fantastic instructor! His instructions were very clear and helpful, and explained manoeuvres in simple step by step instructions. I definitely recommend Alan!

I started learning to drive with Alan from LDC, whos name had been given to me by other people and I am happy to say that I will be passing it on to other people to have the great experience I did. The lessons were amazing, I learnt a lot and if you did not understand anything it was explained again. There was not one time in any of my lessons I felt awkward or nervous which a lot of people do. Alan makes you feel welcome and comfortable in all of the lessons. All my lessons were friendly and relaxed. I took my first test after just 3 months after turning 17 which I sadly failed, but like Alan said it's not the end of the world. I retook my test and passed with only 1 minor after just 5 months. Alan will work on what you need to work on, he won't just make you do lesson and lessons and not get anywhere. I was always learning in every lesson. Alan is a great Driving Instructor and respects the learners individuality and needs when teaching them to drive."Thank you for your help in getting me passing my test and being a great driving instructor."

Passed 1st time! Alan is such a calm and friendly instructor. He didn't rush me into taking my test until I was fully ready and felt confident I would pass. He also gave me lots of useful tips to help me become a better driver and covered all aspects of driving. I would highly recommend him, as I did to lots of my friends! Thank you Alan!

I felt thoroughly prepared for my driving test and successfully passed first time. He is a very calm, reassuring and gives clear and practical tuition. I also felt prepared to become an independent driver and not just to pass my test so i can drive competently every day.

Alan is a brilliant instructor, during my lessons he gave very good explainations and advice as well as being very friendly and approachable.

While learning to drive, I felt that Alan knew how to explain each point and situation to a very high standard, which is why on the day of my test I knew I was going to pass. I did not however expect to pass with only one minor which I owe entirely to Alan.

A big thank you to Alan for getting me through my test. I was a very eager person, when I knew i could start driving, but Alan helped me keep calm.Thank you for being so patient, will see you out on the road. I will definately recommend Alan to all my friends.

Alan was a brilliant driving instructor. Without his help I truely believe that I would of not passed my driving test 1st time (but I did!). He was always very calm and patient when he was teaching even if I did mess it up again and again. I always looked forward to my driving lessons and always felt happy I had learnt something new. I would and have recommended him to friends, family and anyone I hear talking about taking driving lessons. Overall it was a great experience and a lovely gentleman.

I was very pleased with the Semi Intense course that I did with LDC. I had received a few lessons with Alan before going to university and didn't carry on with any lessons whilst studying. So decided to do an intense course after looking at several intense courses I saw that Alan did them, this one was the cheapest and most convenient. Alan made it fit into my working week very well. I found Alan's teaching style very easy to understand and he made me feel at ease when driving, my confidence grew very quickly which enabled me to past my test 1st time. I would highly recommend this course. Thank you Alan.