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Alan Edwards's Driving SchoolAbout me
Hi I'm Alan, I am a fully qualified Government Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and I am passionate about road safety.

I have lived locally (in Torrington) all my life. Before becoming a driving instructor I worked as a glassblower for many years at the local glass factory.

I have always enjoyed driving and wanted to broaden my driving experience, so I looked into becoming a coach driver. I eventually booked an intensive 10 day course in Bristol and passed at my first attempt. I felt so pleased and elated.

I was so impressed with my instructor and the manner in which he went about his instruction. He was calm and patient and I thought this might be something that I might consider, as friends and work colleagues were always telling me that I was a calm and relaxed type of person.

About 12 months later I decided that I wanted a job with real satisfaction. I kept thinking about how I felt after passing my “pcv” test and wanted to be able to give that feeling to others by helping them to pass their driving test. And there is no greater satisfaction than seeing the look on a pupil’s face when they have passed their driving test.

I was fortunate to be trained by LDC in the latest adult coaching and training techniques so you can be assured the training I give will be of the highest standard.

I chose to work with LDC because everybody is different and the LD system allows for flexibility in lessons so that you learn to drive safely at a rate that suits you. I aim to make every lesson enjoyable and as productive as possible. The LD system just helps me to do this more effectively.

Lessons are always conducted in a calm, friendly and relaxed manner as I firmly believe in making pupils feel at ease during lessons.

Well I hope this gives you a brief Idea about me so please feel free to click here to "Contact me"